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Ellie Van Vogt

Ellie is currently an NIHR Doctoral Fellow, studying the use of machine learning for estimating heterogeneous treatment effects in clinical trials, with application to critical care.

Ellie was awarded an NIHR pre-doctoral fellowship in October 2020 to complete her masters in Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning at Imperial College London. Following this they will be exploring machine learning methods for identifying treatment heterogeneity in randomised clinical trials (RCTs) and the associated electronic health records at ICTU.


In 2020, after completing their Mathematics degree at the University of Oxford, Ellie joined ICTU over the summer as a systematic review coordinator to aid the completion of a systematic review into an early skin care intervention for the prevention of eczema and food allergy in infants. In 2019 Ellie was an NIHR research methods intern at ICTU, investigating the reporting of adverse events in RCTs.


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