January 01, 2020

Featured in Imperial People

One of our team members, Jack Elkes, was featured in the Imperial College London blog which is a look behind the scenes with the staff who make the College tick called Imperial People.

December 17, 2019

Reference‐based multiple imputation for missing data sensitivity analyses in trial‐based cost‐effectiveness analysis

In randomised trials, sensitivity analyses are required to assess the implications of different missing data assumptions on the trial results, including in cost‐effectiveness analysis. In their new paper, Leurent, Gomes, Cro et al. extend and illustrate the reference‐based multiple imputation approach for cost‐effectiveness sensitivity analysis. Reference‐based multiple imputation provides an attractive approach for conducting such sensitivity analyses, because missing data assumptions are framed in an intuitive way by making reference to other trial arms. The method is illustrated using the CoBalT trial which evaluated cognitive behavioural therapy for treatment‐resistant depression and Stata code is provided.

November 25, 2019

Results of collaborative trial research: Omalizumab reduces severe atopic dermatitis in children

The Atopic Dermatitis Anti-IgE Pediatric trial (ADAPT) trial has been published in JAMA pediatrics. This randomized controlled trial targeted a pediatric population with severe eczema. After a 24 week course of omalizumab or placebo it was found that the children given omalizumab had reduced eczema and improved quality of life in comparison to those given placebo. This was despite lower potent topical corticosteroid use in the omalizumab group, suggesting omalizumab is a treatment option for difficult-to-manage severe eczema in children.

November 12, 2019

UKCRC Biannual Statisticians' Operations Group Meeting

In November, Imperial Clinical Trials Unit hosted the UKCRC’s Biannual Statisticians' Operations group meeting. The day focused on work undertaken by Victoria Cornelius and Rachel Phillips on adverse event analysis in clinical trials. It was a great opportunity for the team to share the findings from some of their current research projects and discuss priorities for next steps in the field of adverse event analysis with the network.

Presentations from the day are available from the UKCRC's website.

October 06, 2019

ICTU at the ICTMC conference 2019

The start of October brought along the 2019 ICTMC conference, and it was quite a busy one for ICTU with several members of the team presenting posters during the conference:

Anca Chis Ster presented her work on a systematic review of the reporting and adjustment of Rescue Medication in RCT publications. A further paper on the topic will follow soon.

Suzie Cro brought to light the importance of estimating hypothetical estimands through her poster discussing Controlled Multiple Imputation.

There was also a poster from Nicholas Johnson looking at the importance of Data Integrity through clear rules of good data management with a feline motif.

Rachel Phillips’ poster presented her experiences in having to Access Individual Patient Data and what opportunities her learnings and this sort of data could offer others.

There was also 2 full presentations each from our own Victoria Cornelius and Rachel Phillips; summaries of these presentations alongside copies of their presentations will follow in more news articles!

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